A Leader in Retirement Plan Design, Implementation, Administration & Consulting for Your Small Business.

Retirement Programming Ltd. provides Administrative and Consulting Services to small Business Owners on Long Island who Sponsor qualified 401(k), Profit Sharing and Defined Benefit Retirement Plans.

Retirement Programming is staffed by experienced professionals who can assist Plan Sponsors with the operation of their tax qualified retirement plan whether plan assets are managed by an outside Money Manager or the Plan Sponsor directly.

We assist Employers with maintaining their qualified status and promptly respond to Employer inquiries due to up-to-date technology and secure web portals. This allows for immediate access to all data which may be necessary for Retirement Programming to deliver quality services on time and at a reasonable cost.

Retirement Plan Design

We discuss all details, goals, objectives, employee data andfinance chart with digital tablet demographics with the Client to determine the best plan design. Based on the results of our "fact finding mission", we will present the details of different plan scenarios to determine which design best meets the needs of the Client. We will review the options with the Client, their Accountant, and Financial Advisors to assist with selection of the plan which best suits the Client's needs and goals.

During this design process, we offer cutting edge, up to the minute plan design to maximize Owner benefits as allowed by Regulations.

Retirement Plan Implementation

Once the plan design has been determined, we will establish the Plan via one of the following forms of Document: Volume Submitter and Trust Documents, Standardized / Non-Standardized Adoption Agreements.

We will also prepare all employee disclosure notifications such as the Summary Plan Description and Safe Harbor notices. If the plan to be established is a safe harbor plan, we will provide the employee notices 30 -90 days prior to the effective date of the safe harbor provision.

Retirement Plan Administration

Consulting Services

We provide consulting services to assist the client as they navigate through the many questions they may have regarding the operation and future direction of their retirement plan. This would include changes in plan design due to business transformations, economic downturns / upturns, changes in employee criteria, demographics, Ownership, and any and all aspects of Plan Compliance and Operation.

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